Shaving Cream (with Aqua Sea Minerals, Vitamin E)

  • Feel Smooth & Fresh

AURASCEN Shaving Cream with cool Fragrance is specially formulated skincare products for everyday use. So give AURASCEN's trusted protection to the entire family. -Formula enriched with skin moisturizers intact your skin from razor burns

-The high quality shaving cream

-It is also very effective to keep moisture bound in your skin even as shaving strips your skin of all the natural hydration

-The menthol effect helps your skin feel cool even when shaving might be harmful for the skin, this shaving cream is effective to keep dryness away from your skin thus you enjoy smooth and soft skin always.

- Sea minerals leave the skin fresh, lively and smooth. Aqua Sea Salt is unique source of health and beauty.

-It contains a lot of minerals that make up the human body.