Golden Facial Glow Kit X (5 Jars)

  • Instant Glow & Fairness

AURASCEN Gold facial kit contains an exclusive deep pore cleanser, for normal to dry skin, which contains precious herbs and botanicals along with pure gold leaves that helps to deep clean the skin, reduces melanin dispersion for lighter skin, while maintaining skin's natural moisture balance. 1) AURASCEN Gold Massage Cream: It will help reveal a smoother, clearer and youthful skin. It contains delicate granules that penetrate deep into the skin to clean, wipes away spent surface cells and help remove dead epithelial cells. This process leaves skin looking soft, smooth and supple with a healthy glow. 2) AURASCEN Gold massage gel: It penetrates the skin easily and helps to accelerate the regeneration of new cells, helps delaying the formation of lines and wrinkles. A powerful rejuvenating massage gel that also helps improve blood circulation and restores softness, smoothness and radiance. 3) AURASCEN Gold Cleansing Cream: removes pigmentation & prevents dryness of the skin. 4) AURASCEN Gold face pack: It is an exclusive and powerful facial pack which helps to accelerate the regeneration of new cells, improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates the skin and helps reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles giving skin a clear matte look. It also helps to bring glow and visible radiance to skin. 5 )AURASCEN Gold facial scrub: It contains pure gold leaves along with precious botanicals and essential oils, which helps to restore the moisture balance to the skin and improves skin's elasticity.