Fruity Haircare Shampoo (with Grapes,orange,mango & Olive)

100 ML
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  • With Natural Fruits Extracts
  • For Natural & Beautiful Hair
  • For All Hair Types
  • Paraben Free


This shampoo's hydrating blend helps leave your hair feeling moisturized, Glowing, Soft, Beauty, pure and simple. This exotic formula helps add strength, elasticity, hydration and balance for healthy hair

- Restores moisture to dry hair
- Restores softness and suppleness

Aurascen Fruity Hair Care is infused with a blend of Fruits Which nourishes skin with deep moisture as you cleanse, leaving it feeling silky smooth and softened.

Direction of Use:
Apply Aurascen Shampoo on Wet Hairs,Gently Massage for a Minute & Rinse.