Gluco Care Capsules

60 Quantity
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  • Diabetes/Sugar Controller


Suffering from diabetes ? 

Here is a solution that can help keep the sugar levels down and make life a lot sweeter. Glucocare helps provide long-lasting and optimum control of blood sugar levels. It also helps relieve associated symptoms such as frequent urination (Polyurea) and thirst (Polydypsia). Glucocare contains the extracts of Jambubij, Vijaysar, Gudmar, Dhilajit, Kalmegh etc as major ingredients. 

It Helps/Supports: 

* Restores energy levels 

* Regulates the blood sugar imbalance 

* Relieves burning feet syndrome 

* Positive effect on memory enhancement 

* Prevents the decrease of sexual libido due to diabetes 

* Shields internal organs against any damage by diabetes 

* Enhances the quality of life living with the disease