Hairwell Cool Cool Hair Oil (with 13+ Herbs)

160 ML
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  • Promotes Hair Growth & Prevents Hair Fall
  • Excellent Hair Tonic
  • For Relief & Relaxation Relieves Headache


Aurascen Hairwell Cool Cool is Made with 13+ Herbs.

It can be Used for Hair & Body Massage. Medical research has proved that massaging can relieve pain; reduce stress and anxiety;
treat depression; improve sleep; as well as temporarily reduce blood pressure. This is total Herbal Product.

It is known to relieve muscular pains and headaches. Menthol in it helps reduce inflammation and itching; while its anti-septic property helps keep infections at bay; including ridding the scalp off lice and dandruff. 

• It also controls the oil production in the scalp; while keeping hair moisturized and promoting hair growth.
• It also boosts blood circulation and brain’s concentration power.