Mosquito Repellent Refill (fits All Machine) (60 Nights)

45 ML 60 Nights
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  • Fits All Machine
  • Liquid Vaporiser
  • With Advanced & Active Formula


Keep your House / Office area absolutely free from insects or pests, by using our strong and powerful Germiwipe Mosquito Repellent.

- Fits All Machine
- With Advanced & Active Formula
(Many Popular brands use 0.88% of the Active Chemical Material TRANSFLUTHRIN. Whereas We use 1.6% For Better Results.)

Direction of Use:

1) Remove Cap & Insert into Electric Heating Machine(Fits All Mosquito Machines)
2) Plug in & Switch on Heater 30 Mins before Going to Bed.
*Our Full Liquid (45ML) Bottle, Protects Up to 60 Nights (If Run 8 hours Per Night)