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We understand that product selection can be Difficult and TYMK Manager/ Executive will help guide you through the process. We do encourage you to browse our products online, and read through our provided literature as well. Our representative will help you choose the products that are best suited to your marketing requirements.

R&D 🔬🥼🧪🧑‍🏭 - Research & Development Related

Yes, we can Produce batch as per your formula specification.

Yes, TYMK’s R&D team will develop any formula or match any benchmark product.

Yes, we can private label any of our in-house formulas.

R&D fees cover the cost of time spent formulating your product, ordering samples for your formula, and creating Bench samples. Yes, there is a Reasonable lab fee for Research & Development that will be 50% credited back to you upon placing a first order & Remaining 50% in 3rd Order.

No. TYMK Group does not do animal testing. We are proud to be a cruelty-free contract manufacturer and lab.

Yes. If you wish to waive product stability and go directly into production, we require you to sign a stability waiver form. TYMK will continue run stability concurrently with your production order.

Company Information ℹ️

“TYMK Group” is the Brand Name of Our Conglomerate Businesses. One of the TYMK Group’s Company is TYMK HEALTH & WELLNESS PRIVATE LIMITED which is into Manufacturing of Daily Need Products. TYMK Group formed to meet a need in the industry that did not exist before. Many contract manufacturing facilities provide some regulatory assistance, but none of them provide the full package that TYMK provides. We Offer “ONE STOP SOLUTION”

TYMK Group - Collaboration Proposal: 
Amplify Your Reach Through Product Sponsorships

We are excited to reach out to you on behalf of TYMK Group, We are a manufacturing powerhouse, specializing in:👇 

Private Label/ Third Party Products 🏷️
OEM/ Contract Manufacturing 🎚️🛂
Personal Care🧴/Cosmetics/Perfumes & Soaps 🧼
Colour & Makeup Cosmetics 💄💅
Nutraceutical/ Healthcare & Ayurveda 🌿 💊
Home 🏡 & Pet 🐶 care Products
Baby 🐥 Care Products
Food 😋 & Beverages 🧃🍹🍢

We have a unique and mutually beneficial sponsorship opportunity to offer.

Unique Sponsorship Approach:

TYMK Group offers a unique sponsorship opportunity that goes beyond traditional financial contributions. We believe in mutually beneficial partnerships, and instead of cash, we offer high-quality products from our HeyPuro brand and custom-developed solutions from TYMK Health as barter for your valuable advertising and sponsorship highlights.

Tailored Solutions:

We understand that every event/initiative has specific needs and target audiences. 

Here are two exciting models we offer: ⇩


Model 1:

Ready-to-Ship Products from “HeyPuro” https://heypuro.com
(Heypuro: HeyPuro is Registered  Brand/ Own Brand of TYMK Group)

Did you know? HeyPuro means: Say Hello 👋 to Purity 💯👌

Wide Selection: Choose high-quality products across various categories showcased on our HeyPuro online store (https://heypuro.com).

Flexibility: We offer 2 options: ⬇⬇

1) Cash Vouchers (Physical or Virtual): We Provide physical or virtual vouchers pre-loaded with a specific value redeemable on our website.
2) Discount Vouchers (Physical or Virtual): Offer customers discounts ranging from 10% to 80% on the MRP/selling price of selected products.
Nationwide Delivery: Leverage our robust ecommerce platform to deliver products pan-India, ensuring easy access for your audience.


Model 2:

Custom-Branded Products from TYMK Health - https://tymkhealth.com

Tailored Solutions: Design products customized with your brand logo, name, or specific features under our private label or white label services.
Extensive Choices: Select from over 700 product options across various categories (https://tymkhealth.com). Choose from a diverse range of products to align with your event/initiative theme and target audience.

Production Lead Time: Expect a production lead time of approximately 30 to 40 working days to ensure high-quality, customized products.

White Label/Private Label options: Build brand exclusivity with products fully customized to your specifications.

Personalized Branding: Express your unique identity and connect deeply with your audience through customized packaging and design.

🤝 Benefits of Partnering with TYMK Group:

✌️ Increased Brand Awareness: Enhance your brand visibility and reach a wider audience through product distribution and marketing efforts.

✌️ Boost Audience Engagement: Generate excitement and incentivize participation in your event/activity with attractive product giveaways or discounts.

✌️ Cost-Effective Solution: Enjoy the value of product sponsorships without the financial burden of cash sponsorships.

✌️ Flexibility and Customization: Choose the model and product options that best suit your specific needs and goals.

We are confident that a TYMK Group product sponsorship can add significant value to your upcoming event/activity. We invite you to explore our product offerings and discuss how we can collaborate to achieve your objectives.To discuss a customized proposal tailored to your specific needs and goals, please don't hesitate to contact us.

☞ Please feel free to contact us at Connect@tymkgroup.com or +91-8128153295 to schedule a call and discuss the possibilities further.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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